Friday, July 9, 2010

The Mind Set

Why should I invest in a better website?

Why should I invest in online booking?

Why should I spend time on social media?

It's all about the mind set of a certain segment of consumer. I happen to be in that segment so let me share with you a story about my mind set.

It's hot, we're having a heat wave. My mom isn't feeling well, and the elderly don't fair well in the heat anyways --> Mindset: low tolerance

I ask my parents to buy an Air Conditioner ages ago, and they didn't --> Mindset: little patience

Now I'm at work, barely time for lunch and must source and purchase an air conditioner -- > Mindset: Frustration

So putting together my mind sets of low tolerance, little patience and frustration, I started with Google

Firstly I learn what an air conditioner is all about, and what specs I should be looking for based on how I expect to use it

Secondly I start visiting the websites of local retailers.

Futureshop --> low prices, no instore stock, only ground shipping

WalMart --> great prices, no online inventory checking system

Canadian Tire --> Ok prices, online inventory checking, unit in stock - SOLD

things we can learn from my experience:
1. I only visited three stores online and ONE store in person, I'm not in the mood to mess around
2. I spent more money just to save myself some hassle

While some vacations are thought out and planned in the greatest detail, some are last minute and born from frustration. The easier you make it for that consumer to stay with you, the more likely you are to complete the sale.

Here's another episode from the saga that is my life :)

Today while browsing facebook, I see that one of my friends status says that she's expecting a food basket from a local organic farm to be delivered today....sounds intriguing, and she's included the link to the farm's like page (fan page).

Fredericton is still having a heat wave. And although cooler in the house, I'm still low on patience and tolerance. So I check it out, this could save me time at the grocery store... if I stock up on dry goods, I may not have to even set foot there again til FALL ! Sounds like utter bliss to me.

Because this organic farm takes a few minutes a day to engage in social media, and because my friend likes them and engages with them, I may have found the route to a grocery store free summer!

Thus illustrating the power of social media.

And ending today's rant.

I hope it was educational :)

Stay cool,