Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Print Ads - their time has come

So I was thinking the other day - I know you could smell the smoke from your house !

Be serious for a minute

Let me lay something out for you, and if I'm wrong then feel free to enlighten me

A print Ad in a newspaper costs at least $600 - at least

If we took 600 and divided by 12 months we get 50

A monthly social media budget of $50

At $10 per hour, I know that's probably low but we're just using round numbers here, at $10 per hour you could get 5 hours of someones time

A whole morning

How many tweets, facebook updates, blog posts, and you tube clips do you think one talented, computer literate, enthusiastic person could create, write, post, and edit in 5 hours?

The secret to making Social Media painless is to write it in advance and post it when it's relevant!

Where does your print ad end up?

The recycle bin.

Where do your tweets, blog posts, videos uploads end up?


Where would you rather have your marketing messages?

In the recycle bin or in cyber space for all eternity?

Just asking.