Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Google Maps - get on there!


During the sessions that I conducted in 2007 there were several companies who remarked that when they searched Google Maps for their location, the results were not correct.

The source of Google maps is a company called NAVTEQ

On the NAVTEQ website is a feature called Map Reporter, it lets you submit what may be errors in the map (either street names or postal codes etc).

I gather that if we all get together and start submitting errors that will result in review of the entire provincal map, which benefits us all.

On a separate note if you go to the start page for Google Maps, in the bottom left corner is a link to "Add or Edit your business". It only takes a minute to set up a google business account and that will definitely aid in getting better google map results.

I hope that you find this information useful, and please feel free to pass it along to others who may benefit.


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