Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday is a great time for ...

Every person has their favorite time of the week...we also have our least favorite times (Monday mornings !).

Friday is a great time for website updates, or just plain internet surfing. Strategic internet surfing.

For example, starting with the Travel Mole newsletter has lead me to

What I'll do with the information gleened from those sites, I haven't decided. But I've made some notes, and organized them in my favorites.

Perhaps they will have their own blog post, perhaps they will go out in a Tourism Technology participants update...perhaps I will just sit on them for a while.

The point is today was a great day for doing that kind of stuff.

Pick a time of the week that is great for you and do your own internet browsing.

*Google your industry
*Wikipedia is another great starting point
*Haul out all those e-newsletters and start clicking

And take a journey of bits and bytes!


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