Friday, November 21, 2008

Clever thoughts

No, I didn't think of these BUT they did make me think ...

The old approach to websites where we leave them hangin' for more information so that the customer will pick up the phone and call you, no longer applies. The customer will simply move on.

Your website is your full time dedicated sales person. It talks to more potential customers then you do in a day and all night !

If a potential traveller is sending you an email you can bet that all your competitors got the same email. Who will respond first? Who will respond best? The location that resolves the inquiry quickly and accurately will end up with the sale.

Just like your voice on the phone when talking to a customer, your website needs to be fresh, easy to understand, and provide timely information.

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There's another tip for you, faking out your email address on the Internet avoids spam crawlers

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