Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Just get the job done.

This week's post is dedicated to procrastination and doing those things which you do not like to do.

I'm generally pro technology, and bubbly smiley about websites. However I get the feeling that not all people are like that ... imagine.

Imagine not being at one with your computer, imagine not being in total sync with MS office products ... I shudder at the thought.

So I have a confession.

I dislike to exercise. I loath it the way most of you loath checking and composing email. Not just general loathing, but a deep deep psychological loathing of lactic acid pain.

But for the past two weeks I've been on the exercise bike and drinking at least one glass of water EVERY DAY. And that includes Saturdays and Sundays. In fact I'm sitting at work right now with my water and drinking that bland ol' H2O as I type.

So if I can make the effort to Exercise, You can make an effort with your website !

Start like I did, with a small goal, and just keep at it. Set up a time of day, and stick to the routine.

There are two main factors in my success:

One - there is a chilled water dispenser at my office. It's right there in front of me. And chilled water is a bit tastier, so it's not to much of a hassle for me.
Two - I also own an exercise bike. It's not fancy but it does the job. And it's right in my house, so again it's not a hassle.

Look around at your technology options, are they a hassle ? If so, think about making some changes.
  • If your computer is too slow, take it in for a professional "cleansing" or a few upgrade parts
  • Consider buying a new computer
  • Is your computer in a comfortable work area?
  • If your website is a pain to update, consider getting a new one.
  • Or talk to a web developer to see what can be done with the one you have.

In this market, every developer should be keen on any business, even a few hours of work. Find someone who speaks to you at a level you understand and don't be afraid to get a second opinion (or a third).

I finally started thinking in terms of the rewards, rather then the tasks. The rewards of exercise is good health, long life, better fitting clothes.... while on the beach visiting one of your fine establishments.

The rewards of a technology / website upgrade is that it will make your life easier, it will encourage you to make those frequent updates, and it will lead to increased business.

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