Thursday, June 18, 2009

Website revamp OR Exercise in discovering your clientele

The key to a successful website redesign is research.

Especially for Tourism Operators.

A successful tourism website has the information that the visitor is looking for... and how are you going to know what information they are interested in unless you ask them ?

Why does a Tourist visit a website?
  • to confirm that they want to visit there
  • confirm hours and costs
  • confirm directions
  • to see other people enjoying the property or attraction (validate)
  • to find out what unique things they can do while visiting
  • perhaps to find rules or regulations

Are you providing that kind of information?

View your website through the eyes of your target market? Is everything there that I would need to know if I was coming to the area, plus some exciting pictures and tidbits that reassure me that your destination is the best choice.

The summer is the perfect time to research your clients. Are they mainly elderly? Are they families? Ask them if they looked at your website? Ask them what they thought of it?

Then take all that information and compile it over the fall and find a developer over the holidays and have your new site launched for the new year, when visitors are just starting to scope out where they are going to spend their summer.

Trust me

  1. If you don't tell your developer what you need, you'll have a nice new site but it won't fulfill the needs of your customers and you'll have wasted your money
  2. If you don't get a nice new fulfilling site for next season, you've missed the boat.

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