Friday, September 17, 2010

Update on the new computer

So it's been a solid 10 days with the new computer and both my parents and myself have learned a few things

I copied off several gigs of pictures onto CD from the old computer. I didn't bother to put them on the new computer, however as Mom points out, "How am I supposed to send them to people now?"

Which is a valid point. While I assumed that all the pictures on the old computer had already been sent or facebooked or emailed, there will always be someone who is "new" and hasn't seen the latest pictures of my nephew. Perhaps she/he just got online (we are talking about my parents friends here) or perhaps she/he rarely goes online. Perhaps they had a computer failure and lost all their pictures (heaven forbid) and are wanting to recreate some of that.

Needless to say, there is always someone new online somewhere looking for something that you thought everyone already had.

Next, it was like pulling teeth getting my Mom to Google everything. In fact she point blank said she was "tired of Googling". Like it was some kind of torture I was making her complete.

I next resorted to "did you check their literature" when she asked for the 100th time "Where was the TD banking site?"

I was teaching her see, teaching her to read all that marketing crap that is on every TD ad, every TD statement, and every TD calendar in the house!

She didn't appreciate my teaching method.

And frankly I don't know what the heck she was doing that she couldn't google TD bank...

So I left it at that and added it to her favorites when she wasn't looking.

We also had a few days of fun because I forgot to install flash, shockwave, and java for their favorite game sites, and I also created the desktop icon for IE 64bit instead of IE 32 bit, apparently the world is not ready for IE 64 bit. My bad.

And they haven't mentioned the Aero effect or smooth scrolling, start bar quirks or any of the other fantastic changes that come with Windows 7 - frankly I don't think they ever have more then one window open at a time.

I think we're pretty much over the hump now, but if things change I'll keep you posted.

PS We also use Royal Bank but she didn't seem to have near the trouble with that one...

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