Thursday, July 21, 2011


Some twitter basics today.

It's come a long way from only 140 characters in a tweet and Teens tweeting that they're currently in the bathroom.

Celebrities are using it. Causes are using it. It even comes in handy during political upheaval.

Few people are using = though if you're a true beginner, it's a great place to start.

Twitter tools like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck have evolved to help humans use the Twitter concept better and more effectively. Also Twitter for mobile is another handy tool for your smart phone

You're also going to need a URL shortener (is that a word?). Something like
In order to drive people to your website or to other interesting websites, you need to use as many characters as you can to write witty content and use a URL shortener to make those long website addresses as short as possible.

In order to find out if people are clicking on your URLs you need an account with your preferred URL shortener. AND you need to tie it into your Twitter tool.

For example

You find a super awesome website you want to share

You open Hootsuite, which you've tied into your bitly account (using the options inside Hootsuite)

You write "check out this awesome site http: short link !"
You wait
Pretty soon, one of your followers will retweet you, you'll know via Hootsuite
And you'll open your bitly account and it will tell you how many people clicked on your link to your awesome website
You can compare that to the number of followers you have to see whether the percentage is high enough for you to say "I got some good ROI on that"
If not, then go back to the drawing board and try for better content in your next tweet.
Also try hashtags - putting a # in front of keywords
Example Tweet: I love #nb #potatoes fresh from the #garden smothered in real butter
This kind of tweet can be found by people doing searches on the words NB, potatoes and garden
For more on hashtags check out
Again this is just an overview on twitter, I didn't even talk about sharing photos or finding followers, or what to do when a spambot signs up to follow you.
I'm saving that for later.
Til next time,

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