Thursday, January 29, 2009

Are you answering the social media telephone?

I recently attended the Canada e-connect Conference, billed as e-tourism strategy focused. Among the sessions, some of the same themes were repeated. One that struck me was this:

It's 1999 again.

Remember back to 1999, people were just starting to sign up for email addresses. Businesses were fussing and fretting over who would answer all these emails, where would the personnel come from? What would you say in an email? What was the optimum response time?

Well it's 1999 again, only instead of getting an email address, it's time for you to start promoting your business online via face book, twitter, blogging, and including customer forums on your website.

Again we're faced with personnel issues, response times, and managing risk.

And just like when we first got our email addresses and learned how to make that modem work - we will learn how to leverage social media.

We will prevail !


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