Monday, February 9, 2009

The "did you knows" about the internet

A few fun facts and trivia gleaned from the e-connect conference

Did you know:

  • 10% of a businesses marketing budget is spent online - however consumers spend close to 30% of their free time online
  • consumers age 70 or older read a newspaper every day
  • only 10% of consumers age 20 or older read a newspaper
  • 1.4 billion computers have access to the Internet
  • there are 3.4 billion mobile devices in the world today
  • there were 12 billion online videos viewed in November 2008 alone
  • 81% of travellers view videos of potential destinations
  • 25% of the 122 million online travellers in the US do not know where they want to visit
  • 80% of customer reviews posted on websites are positive ones

Stats are so ...boring. But hey, if that's the only way I can convince you that your website / Internet presence is important to the viability of your business, then I'll take the risk and publish the boring post.

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