Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Oprah factor

Oprah, the most influential woman in the world, I would dare say. Still going strong after all these years. And how does she do it?

She uses technology to reinvent herself and maintain her connection with her audiences.

Yes, she does.

While I watched yesterday's show, I realized how much Oprah is using today's technology to reach out to fan base all over the world.

She has incorporated online learning, and webinars into the fold. Through her series of online segments about spirituality based on that book, what was it called ...oh well it was the largest webinar ever held in the world.

She's "Skyping" regular folks into the show. Viewers with questions can contribute from their own homes via Skype.

She's using satellite radio to reach millions more.

Her website is a mix of show content and complimentary articles using various medias.

It's quite remarkable. I encourage you to watch the show and visit the site sometime. Yes folks I'm asking you to couch potato it for a couple of hours.

There is nothing on the Oprah show that you could not be doing yourself.

Skype is a free Internet calling program, in fact we use it in the Tourism Technology program. There are widgets you can put on your website for folks to Skype call you. With a web cam you could potentially have a face to face conversation with a potential guest.

I've mentioned the importance of online forums before, Oprah has those in spades.

Multimedia rich online experience is extremely important in the tourism industry. Images (that include happy shiny people) and videos that convey the experience will get results.

And that's the Oprah factor.

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