Wednesday, July 8, 2009

So you think it only happens to other people...

Social media frenzy right here in Atlantic Canada.

The band, Sons of Maxwell, recently travelled to the US for a concert with United Air Lines. Long story short, the baggage handlers broke a guitar. After several fruitless phone calls to United, the frustrated band vowed to unleash their wrath on You Tube.

As of this writing, the video, posted 48 hours ago:
  • has received 82,000 (and counting) plays
  • was featured on the website
  • was played on my local radio station
  • was facebooked by many of my Atlantic Canada friends
  • was facebooked by my local DJs
  • was twittered
  • was Dugg
  • was shared and forwarded

Check it out, it's a catchy tune

Update: when I went to get that link the views were up to 132,000

How can I do something like this? Or do I even want to?

More importantly - How do I keep my operation from becoming a "United" and forcing someone to blast me on the internet?

All good questions. Ask me when you sign up for your Tourism Technology mentoring session.

beth at tianb dot com

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