Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thinking outside the box

This week I stumbled across unique uses for Trip Advisor, and I thought what a great outside the box use for a vacation rating site. Especially in the Tourism Industry where we are facing a human resource shortage.

Quoted from a Linked In group discussion: Secondary Use for Employers & Job Seekers

Two additional uses for Trip Advisor :
Not only is Tripadvisor a great tool for consumers it is also a great tool for employers and job seekers.
1. Recruiters and employers should check all GM candidates past hotel’s placement on Tripadvisor. As past performance is a good predictor of future success.
2. Job seekers should check a hotel rating on Tripadvisor prior to a job interview to learn of any operational weaknesses that they could help to address. I believe most employers would be impressed to learn that a potential candidate took the time to research their property beyond the company website.

So here's the challenge, do you have a favorite website that you use for a purpose that might not be what the developers intended?

Can you think of outside the box uses for other sites?

Send in your ideas and I'll share them in the next post

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