Thursday, February 18, 2010

CTC and Social Media

The CTC (Canadian Tourism Commission) is doing great things.

A 2009 campaign consisting of 15 sec user generated videos aired for nine weeks. Results showed the campaign had a higher recall then print. The videos achieved a higher click through then banner ads alone. The success of the campaign was also the fact that it was backed up with relevant web content.

350 of social media content were created and seeded during the campaign. Demand for the material was overwhelming, and reaction to the content in social media spaces was positive.

A viral facebook quiz was created as well as a Twitter delivery schedule so that tweets would be consistent, timely and useful.

Through the national asset development program 10-15 experiences from each province were highlighted via video.

I learned all this at a CTC presentation at Canada eConnect. I urge you to check out the CTC site and browse around. Follow them on facebook and learn from their example.

Check out their You Tube channel

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