Monday, May 4, 2009

The concept of ROBO

More learnings from the Altantic Internet Marketing conference.

ROBO - Research Online, Buy Offline
Some quick ROBO stats:
89% of buyers perform ROBO
81% of Canadians plan to perform ROBO when making their next purchase
50% of local businesses do not have a website...(or an adequate web presence)
ROBO is essentially comparison shopping. In the old days we used to drive around from store to store with a notebook to comparison shop. Or maybe we used newspaper inserts.
Today we do it online - website to website.
And instead of driving to the "shopping"district of town, we use Google to find our results for us.
No matter what your business people are looking for you online.
It's time to embrace your customers where they are. You have your own "hand picked" community out there waiting. Put your product in front of an engaged audience.
So while you may still be getting sales over the telephone, next time ask them if they checked out your website, 8.9 of 10 will have done so before they called - and that's ROBO in action.

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