Friday, May 29, 2009

Roger Brooks stole my material ...

If you attended the recent TIANB conference in Caraquet, and listened to Roger Brooks (international tourism guru), then you know what I'm talking about.

Several points made by Mr Brooks, I have been telling you for the past two years. If you had taken the Tourism Technology website mentoring session prior to the conference then little bells should have been going off in your head ... "Beth mentioned the very same thing during her mentoring session"

"I guess she knows what she's talking about"

That's right folks, I'm not just a pretty face.

There's more to the session then the long winded title implies.

70% of tourism shoppers are frustrated with the online experience
80% of operators are still spending more on print, then their website (backwards!)
e-newsletters are essential
user friendly domain names are essential
have seasonal content
have updated content

It's not too late to call me for a session, and at $125, I'm way underpriced.


PS If you did take the session and haven't done anything yet, dig out that manual and get on it!

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