Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Labels - the ultimate online organizer

I've starting something new on my blog today. Can you spot the change?

It's relatively subtle...

But it should lead to increased traffic on previous posts.

Ta-Da ~ I've labelled all my posts !

In total I have 43 posts, I took a quick look at the headlines for all of them and came up with a few common threads.

Then I added the labels gadget. Which I didn't have before. See how I'm learning as I go and incorporating more tech as I get more comfortable. See. See how I'm doing that.

Then I started from the first post and went through to the last one, opening each one, adding a label and resaving.

Took about 30 minutes in total and now if you're interested in reading just all my "how to" posts you can find them all in one easy click!

My labels are:
About - those are the posts where I boast about the great one on one website mentoring session that I provide to Tourism Operators for the low price of $125

How To - those are the posts where I give more explicit instruction, like this post

Informational - those are the posts where I publish stories that may interest tourism operators or items like what conferences I'll be attending

Successes - those are the posts that highlight great tourism successes online, and frankly there aren't nearly enough of those kinds of posts !

The great thing is I can add more labels if the need arises.

Til next time,

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