Friday, August 14, 2009

What to blog...

August is a weird time of the year for tourism. The summer numbers are not in, the spring numbers don't reveal much. You're wondering whether to change up your approach, while maintaining the guests you have. A lot depends on the weather...If July was rainy, many more feel the urge to "get somewhere" in August before the summer is over. So there's a lot of potential for walk ins and last minute reservations.

And this is all assuming that your operation is mainly a summer seasonal business. For those who are year round operations, this is just one of the weird times of the year.

Can you tell that I'm grasping at straws for material?


Point made.

Here's where we sit down at our computer and face that question

Which is more detrimental - Blogging about nothing or not blogging at all?

Frankly it's been a weird week for me at work, there are several things going on, none of which are blog worthy. I've been reading newsletters and tourism websites looking for something and not able to find items.

I've been distracted by other tasks, and really just not inspired.

What are steps I could have taken to prevent having to post such lame content?

1. Write a few posts all at once and save them for later
2. Have a guest blogger, assign it to another staff member
3. Assign a specific time of the week to blogging and stick to it, no distractions
4. Relax, I guess one missed week isn't so bad
5. Others ...

And so in conclusion, there are no strict conclusions in the Internet. Honesty and truthfulness will come through as authentic. Collect and use feedback. Try it and see if it flies.

Sincerely lacking inspiration today,

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