Monday, November 16, 2009

Women and Information Forwarding

Recently came across these interesting graphs on another blog. The graphs are from PopSugar Media and Radian research and show some relevent information on how Women share information they find on the internet.

Sorted by Gen X and Gen Y, but I want to focus in on what method came in first, second and third.

As I tell all my clients, it's the women in the family who are reseraching holiday travel.
And so what are the top three methods used to discover new products (products would include travel destinations and attractions):
  1. referral from an article or newspaper online
  2. search engines
  3. online ads, whether directly clicked or not

And how do they share this new product or vacation spot with friends:

  1. they call them
  2. they email them
  3. and fairly close together are writing a review and posting on facebook

How can this help us create a better website for Women researching new products and destinations?

  1. never underestimate the value of the press, having your establishment reviewed in any online forum will result in natural search engine ranking and hits
  2. never stop updating or refreshing your website content and working on maintaining that natural search engine ranking
  3. direct clicks are not always the best measure of your online ad campaigns, impressions count
  4. nothing will ever replace girl chat
  5. email is not dead, and having the "email to a friend feature" on your packages page will come in handy - as well as share this on facebook feature
  6. always provide a way for your clients to write a review or provide feedback directly on your website. Women will read other's comments and value that information.

When you're ready to make your site the best it can be, ask your developer about these features and how to incorporate them into your new website.

For more information, just drop me a line

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